Jump Start Band

Jump Start Band6th Grade

Students preparing to enter Greenville Middle School 6th Grade Band are invited to “jump start” their musical education this summer! This class is intended for students who have never played a musical instrument, emphasizing proper instrument assembly and maintenance, holding position, embouchure, and how to play the first 5 notes. A short parent presentation will conclude the final class.

Who: Students entering 6th Grade Band
When: July 25-29, 2022 (See Class Schedule below for times)
Where: Greenville Area Community Center
Cost: $30 Resident (Free for GPS Students)
Registration Deadline: Friday, July 15, 2022

Class Schedule:
9:00-9:45 am- Flutes
10:00-10:45 am- Clarinets
11:00-11:45 am- Saxophone/ Oboe/ Bassoon
12:30-1:15 pm- Trumpet/ French Horn
1:30-2:15 pm- Trombone/ Baritone/ Tuba
2:30-3:15 pm- Percussion