Boards & Commissions

The City of Greenville has several boards, commissions, and committees that provide public input and participation for various city services.

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Airport Advisory BoardBoard Members
Kirk Warner
Roger Coles
Peter Jeppesen
Mark Lehman, City Liaison

The Airport Advisory Board meets on an as needed basis to provide advice to the City Manager on such things as operations, expansion plans, and maintenance of the Airport.

Five members (one from Council, two residents appointed by Mayor, two from the Greenville Aviation Association), serving a five-year term.

Annexation CommitteeBoard Members
Jeff Scoby
Mark Lehman
Larry Moss

Three members serving a one-year term appointed each year by the City Council.

The Annexation Committee meets on an as needed basis to consider a request for annexation of territory from the surrounding townships into the City.
The Committee acts as a negotiating body if mutual annexation is pursued under Public Act 108.

Board Of ReviewBoard Members
Robert Christensen
Wilma Stidham
Bill Rasmussen
Ashley Ewing (Alternate)

The Board of Review reviews the assessment roll received from the assessor to determine completion, accuracy, uniformity, and validity.

Three members serving a three-year term and appointed by the City Council.

Downtown Development AuthorityBoard Members
Jeff Scoby, City Liaison
Linda Huckleberry
Jerry Fennell
Melanie Hansen
Tim Mulcahy, Chair
Charley Kemp
Martha Perkins
Angela Sirotko
Tori Ensing

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is charged with overseeing the orderly development of the downtown. To correct and prevent deterioration in the Downtown Development District, to encourage historic preservation, to create and implement development plans, to promote economic growth, and to acquire and dispose of interests in real and personal property, to levy and collect taxes, to issue bonds and use tax increment financing (TIF).

Nine members serving four-year terms appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval. Meets the second Monday of each month at 12:00 p.m.


Economic Development CorporationBoard Members
George Bosanic
Jon Aylsworth
Lloyd Scoby
David Seppala
Doug Hinken, Chair

The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) assists local industries and commercial enterprises to strengthen and revitalize the economy of the City of Greenville, when such assistance is determined to be a critical factor in the decision to locate, relocate or expand in the City of Greenville, and when such assistance will significantly contribute to the employment of the City of Greenville residents, or provide needed services or facilities to the City of Greenville and residents thereof, and when such assistance does not place current industrial and commercial enterprises in an economically unfair competitive situation.

Nine members serving six-year terms appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval. Not more than three shall be an officer or employee of the City. Meets on an as needed basis.

Greenville Area Community Center BoardBoard Members
Ashley Spencer
Steve Kemp
Ruth Hansen
Christine Kohn
Spence Tower
Larry Moss, City Liaison

The Greenville Area Community Center Board shall make recommendations for the rules and regulations of the operation, establish use charges all of which shall be submitted to the Council for approval. The Board will advise the Community Center Director on programming selections and will assist in planning fundraising efforts of future expansion or development of the community center.

Seven members, one of which shall be the Executive Director or a member of the Greenville Housing Commission, serving four-year terms.

Greenville City CouncilBoard Members
Jeanne Cunliffe
Larry Moss
Mark Lehman
Claude Johnson
Jeff Scoby, Mayor 
Jay Linton
James Barrus, Mayor Pro-Tem

The City Council is the legislative authority and governing body for the city. It is responsible for hiring and overseeing the city manager, setting policy, and adopting ordinances and resolutions.

Seven members serving four-year staggered terms are elected by City residents. Meets every first and third Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.


Greenville Housing Commission
Board Members
Donna Day
Gary Valentin
Jeff Scoby, City Liaison
Larry Alman
Ashley Spencer, Director
Maureen Dodd
Michael Hurst, President

The Housing Commission is charged with overseeing senior and low-income housing.

Five members serving five-year terms appointed by the City Manager, in addition to one liaison from the City Council and the Executive Director of the Housing Commission. Meets the last Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m.

Historic District CommissionBoard Members
Gail Brown
Bill Rasmussen
Jeff Marshall, Chair
Philip Glovick
Judith Gager
Susan Hoppough
The Historic District Commission is charged with overseeing the city’s historic district.
The establishment of the Historic District allows property owners with contributing properties the opportunity to apply for tax credits.

Seven members serving staggered three-year terms appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval. Meets on an as needed basis.


Planning CommissionBoard Members
Jack Corner
Larry Moss, City Liaison
Pete Frye
David Ralph, Chair
Greg VanderMark, Vice-Chair
Doug McFadden
Jeremy Miller
James Popma

The Planning Commission prepares and adopts physical plans for the City and reviews development proposals, both private and public as set forth in the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, MCL 125.3101 et seq. and the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, MCL 125.3801 et. seq. and acts in an advisory capacity for matters referred to the City Council.

Nine members serving three-year terms, consisting of eight citizens and a City Council Liaison, appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval (see exception in Ordinances for council member). Meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.


Transit Local Advisory CouncilBoard Members
Larry Alman, Chair
Lori Nielsen
Nancy Wilson
Ryan Dreyer

The Transit Local Advisory Council (LAC) reviews and certifies that the transit’s services are offered to individuals with disabilities, including persons 65 years of age or older, and to users of wheelchairs that is equivalent to the level and quality of service offered to individuals without disabilities. LAC members should either be users of the service or work closely with users of the service. LAC is particularly interested in having memberswho understand the needs of people with handicaps or the needs of the elderly.

Six members serving two-year terms appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval. Meets on an as needed basis.

Zoning Board Of AppealsBoard Members
Brian McKnight
Douglas Stek, Chair
Jack Corner
Ruth Lubben

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has the power to authorize, upon an appeal, specific variances from requirements such as lot area and width regulations, building height regulations, yard and depth regulations, and off-street parking and loading space requirements. The ZBA hears and decides questions that arise in the administration of the zoning ordinance including the interpretation of text and the zoning map.

Five members serving three-year terms appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval. Meets on an as needed basis.


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