The Water Department, also connected to the Drinking Water Distribution System, is a division of our Public Services Department.

  • Water Department Responsibilities & Staffing

    The Water Department is staffed by three, full-time system operators. Two of the three operators are certified by the State of Michigan as licensed Distribution System Operators. The Distribution System Foreman and Public Works Director/Water Superintendent are both licensed Distribution System and Limited Treatment Operators. Our staff strives to continuously improve on our knowledge and skills in the operation and maintenance of the Drinking Water Distribution System.

  • Water Department Forms, Applications & Documents

  • Water Distribution System and the Improvement Project

    The City of Greenville Drinking Water Distribution System uses ground water as the source of supply. The ground water is pumped from seven (7) wells in a central well field located on the Southeast side of the City. All seven wells are tapped into a single aquifer. The water quality of the source is very high, and currently, the only treatment added is one part per million (ppm) of Fluoride to aide in the prevention of tooth decay.

    The city is committed to protecting and improving the quality of our water and the service we provide to our customers.

  • Contact Information

    Water Superintendent

    Thomas Pollock

    Water Department

    213 East Fairplains Street
    Greenville, Michigan 48838
    (616) 754-5645
    (616) 754-6320 – Fax

    Deputy Treasurer

    Erika Ward
    (616) 754-5645

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