Industrial Opportunities

A growing city.   As Greenville becomes the foundation for economic recovery and development in Michigan, we proudly welcome potential businesses to the Greenville commercial family.

Greenville utilizes various tools such as a state certified industrial park, tax abatement, competitive and full utilities, infrastructure, and other incentives.

    • Vacant Industrial Properties

      The City of Greenville has available industrial space perfect for start-ups or expansion.  Please click the link below for more information:

    • Land for Industrial Properties

      Please contact the City of Greenville for listing information.


      City of Greenville

      George Bosanic
      City Manager
      411 South Lafayette Street
      Greenville, Michigan  48838
      (616) 754-5645

    • Industrial Park

      The City of Greenville Industrial Park is zoned and planned for  industrial development.  It is intended for manufacturing, assembling, packaging, warehousing, and related activities that do not create a significant detrimental impact on adjacent districts.

      • Facts & Figures

        Click the link below for the Industrial Park’s physical, environmental , and infrastructural information, along with special characteristics, transportation, zoning, local services, and tax information.

      • Phase I

        Phase I of the Industrial Park:
        State certified business park Protective covenants 165 acres
        54 acres available 2 acre minimum Full Utilities
        $6,000 – $8,000 per acre Class A roads Broadband
      • Phase II

        Phase II of the Industrial Park:
        Approximately 80 acres remaining
        $12,000 per acre instant availability
        “Hybrid” Renaissance Zone (abates most state and local taxes)
      • Michigan Economic Developers Association

        The Michigan Certified Business Park Program has set the standard for business/industrial parks in Michigan for over 40 years, letting prospective occupants know that they can expect to find uniformity and high-quality characteristics within certified parks and that their investment in that property is secure. Sites in Certified Business Parks are shovel-ready, so location is easy.



  • Positioning your business in our state-of-the-art park offers many things that will help you do business better:
    • Qualified Workers
    • Good Access
    • Impressive Amenities
    In our Certified Industrial Park, your business will have the following features necessary to conduct business:
    • Protective Covenants
    • Landscaped Development
    • Telephone, Gas and Electric Service
    • Municipal Water and Sewer Lines
    • Continuous Management
    • Class A All-Weather Roads
    • Improved Paved Parking
    • Enclosed Storm Sewers
    • Airport

      • Greenville City Airport is located two miles south of the city via M-91. The airport is capable of handling light/medium aircraft.
      • Runways: Paved 4,300 feet by 75 feet lighted.
      • Operated privately by Marceco Aviation.
      • Commercial delivery available.
      • Charter transportation available.
    • Broadband

      • DSL: AT&T
      • Cable: Charter Cable
      • Various private wireless “point-to-point” services are also available.


    • Climate

      • Winter: 21 degrees
      • Summer: 78 degrees
      • Average annual rainfall: 36”
      • Average annual snowfall: 60”
    • Economic Characteristics

      • Assessed Valuation: $249,818,600
      • Median Income (Greenville): $35,050
      • Median Income (Michigan): $53,457
      • Median Income (United States): $50,046
      • % of Employed Population in Manufacturing (Greenville): 29%
      • % of Employed Population in Manufacturing (Michigan): 22%
      • % of Employed Population in Manufacturing (United States): 14.1%
    • Electricity

      • Consumers Energy
    • Gas

      • DTE Energy
    • Geography

      • Moderately hilly surrounded by farmland and wooded tracts.
      • Elevation is approximately 839’.
      • Four lakes.
      • Flat River.
    • Highway

      • Trunklines M-57 (east-west) and M-91 (north-south). Truck bypass route runs along the north side of Greenville connecting M-57 and M-91.
      • Access to US 131:7 miles
      • Access to I 96: 25 miles
      • Access to US 27: 33 miles
    • Public Transportation

      • The Greenville Transit System is an “on demand” service that operates within the city limits and has limited service outside of Greenville.
    • Solid Waste

      • The City contracts with Republic Services. The City allows a solid waste credit to industries based on the value of 2 mills of an industry’s property tax value.
    • Tax Rates

      • Homestead – 33.3241 (city millage – 12.9673)
      • Non-Homestead – 51.3241 (city millage – 12.9673)

      6.0279 (Montcalm County, Intermediate School District, Flat River District Library)

    • Telephone

      • AT&T
    • Wastewater System

      • Capacity: 3,750,00 gallons per day
      • Average: 1,100,000
      • Rates: Monthly
      Sewer Rates
      Cost  per 100 cubic foot
      Fee (Total)
       First 433 cu.ft.  $2.13 / 100 cu.ft.  $9.23 (minimum)
       Next 1,567 cu.ft.  $2.13 / 100 cu.ft.  $33.37 (42.60)
       Next 8,000 cu.ft.  $1.89 / 100 cu.ft.  $151.20 (193.80)
       Over 10,000 cu.ft.  $1.86 / 100 cu.ft.
    • Water System

      • Capacity: 6,200,000 gallons per day
      • Average: 2,615,000 gallons per day
      • Rates Monthly: Residential, low-use commercial
      Water Rates
      Cost  per 100 cubic foot
      Fee (Total)
       First 433 cu.ft.  $1.05 / 100 cu.ft.  $4.55 (minimum)
       Next 1,567 cu.ft.  $1.05/ 100 cu.ft.  $16.45
       Next 8,000 cu.ft.  $0.87 / 100 cu.ft.  $69.60 ($90.60)
       Over 990,000 cu.ft.  $0.72 / 100 cu.ft.  $7,128.00 ($7,218.60)
      Over 1,000,000 cu.ft. $0.121 / 100 cu.ft.


  • Expanding Your Customer Base  Can Mean Two Things:

    1.  Delivering your product or service to new global markets
    2.  Using your skill set to serve new industry sectors (automotive suppliers may also serve the appliance industry, etc)

    Global Development Partners can help you with either of these.  Chamber staff have met Jeff Jorge, the founder and executive partner of GDP, and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

    MMTC (Michigan Manufacturing & Technology Centers) can help you grow into new markets, implement “lean” practices improve sustainable/”green” practices and much much  more.

    SBTDC  (Small Business & Technology Development Center) offers classes, workshops, and one-on-one counseling to help plan, expand, or stabilize your business.  They can also show you how to seek government contracts.  .

    City of Greenville

    George Bosanic
    City Manager
    411 South Lafayette Street
    Greenville, Michigan  48838
    (616) 754-5645

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