Financial Tools for your Business

Tax credits, business loans, and investors

There is no such thing as FREE money.  Loans must be paid back.  Investors (even “angel” investors) expect a return on their investment.  You can, however, investigate tax credits and abatements, pre-seed funds, low-interest loans, and investors.  Before applying for any program, you will need a solid plan.  Please use the  resources available to help you prepare.  If you’re not sure where to start, call the Chamber at (616) 754-5697.  We can help.

  • Loans

    Business - Financial Tools - LoansBanks and Credit Unions have commercial lenders ready to help.  Some can facilitate SBA (Small Business Association) loan applications as well.  Our searchable business directory will help you find the financial institution you need.

    The Michigan Credit Union Small Business Financing Alliance (CUSBFA) connects entrepreneurs/small businesses with training, and provides the tools to apply for the credit you need to get your business started, or to expand a current enterprise.

  • Tax Credits

    Business - Financial Tools - Tax Credits

    The City of Greenville will help you make the most of available tax credits and tax abatements.

    The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) State tax cuts and credits available to you.  click for MEDC contact information

  • Investors

    Business - Financial Tools - Investors

    Michigan Pre-Seed loans are also available if your business meets the criteria.

    The Michigan Accelerator Fund (MAF) also invests in early stage companies in 6 identified sectors.

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