2010 Census Data

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At 6.58 square miles, Greenville is Montcalm County’s largest municipality.

City of Greenville Population:

8,481 – This is a +6.9% population growth since 2000

  • Montcalm County population: 63,342
  • Montcalm, Kent & Ionia population: 729,869
  • Number of Greenville households: 3,464
  • Average household size: 2.39
  • Average household income (Greenville): $31,993 American Community Survey
  • High School Education: 77.2% American Community Survey

Click here for a map highlighting the area within a 15 and 20 mile radius of Greenville, Michigan.

Traffic Counts:

Click here for Michigan Department of Transportation’s Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on state roads M-91 and M-57.  Just click on “entire state ADT map” and zoom in.


Assessed valuation of the city of Greenville in 1998 was $179,000,000.  The City’s tax rate is $13 per $1,000 assessed value.


Moderately hilly, surrounded by farmland and wooded tracts, watered by several streams and the Flat River.  Elevation is approximately 839 feet.


Temperatures range on an average from 21 degrees during the winter to 78 degrees in the summer.  Average annual rainfall is 36 inches.  Average annual snowfall is 60 inches.

  • The Greenville area enjoys a moderate climate.
  • January temperatures range from 13 to 29 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Summer temperatures range from 53 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The average snowfall is 3.5”
  • Average annual snowfall: 60”
  • The average rainfall is 2.5″
  • Average annual rainfall is 36″
Montcalm County’s Report Card

A mechanism to track how well citizens’ needs are being addressed over time regarding education, safety, health care, and economic development.



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