Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department enforces regulatory and zoning ordinances pertaining to nuisances and property use. Such enforcement includes storage of junk and inoperable/unregistered cars on properties, tall grass and deep snow on sidewalks, and various zoning and public right-of-way violations. For further information about these ordinances, or to report a violation confidentially, please contact the Code Enforcement Office.

NOTE: Failure to comply with these ordinances will result in a civil infraction ticket being issued for each offense.

Complete List of Ordinances

  • Common Ordinances

    • Address Marker

      Code Enforcement - Address-Marker-IconAddress markers must be place on your home so that it is visible from the street. This is extremely important for emergency vehicles and is required by city ordinance.

    • Animal Control and Animals at Large

      Animal control is for the safety of all city residents and visitors. Please view the city ordinance here.Code Enforcement - Animal Control

      Owners may not allow their animals to run loose unless they are in a designated and posted unleashed use area according to city ordinance.

    • Front Yard Parking

      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis ordinance addresses vehicles that are being improperly parked in the city.

    • Garage Sales

      The intent of this ordinance is to regulate, control and limit the holding ofCode Enforcement - Garage Sale Icon garage sales as they may become a nuisance and a safety hazard if not so regulated.

    • Garbage Containers

      Code Enforcement - Refuse Icon

      Allied Waste garbage containers may be placed at the curb no earlier than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup (Wednesdays), and must be removed from the curb no later than 24 hours following pickup according to city ordinance.

    • Inoperable Vehicle

      Code Enforcement - Inoperable Vehicle IconAny vehicle that does not have valid registration plates or is incapable of being turned on and mobile according to city ordinance.

    • Keeping of Animals

      The keeping of household pets, including dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters and other animals generally regarded as household pets is permitted as an accessory use in any residential district. According to city ordinance, however, any land, building, or structure where five or more cats and/or dogs six months of age or older are boarded, housed, or bred for commercial purposes shall be considered a kennel.

    • Lawn Maintenance

      Code Enforcement - Lawn Maintenance Icon

      City residents are responsible for the timely upkeep and maintenance of their lawns. Any growth of grass or weeds over 8 inches in height is in violation of city ordinance and will result in mowing, fees and/or ticketing.

    • Open Fires and Burning

      City ordinance states:

      • No person or persons shall burn any wood or other combustible material whatever on any public paved street or alley or in any public place, provided that such burning shall not be prohibited in licensed or approved incinerators or burners, or in similar containers provided and placed by the city for public use in parks and other public places.
      • No persons shall burn a bonfire unless first authorized by permit issued by the department of public safety and provided that such person or persons are of mature age and/or judgment and remain in constant attendance while such fire is burning. Such bonfire must be of such limited size so as to allow the person or persons in charge to have complete control over such fire and remain in constant attendance until such fire is extinguished. The burning of yard waste, rubbish, trash or other debris in a bonfire is expressly prohibited.
      • No person or persons shall kindle or start any outside material in any place, public or private, or in such quantities so as to endanger surrounding property, and no person shall kindle or start such fire when the wind is of a velocity to carry burning embers beyond the control of such person or persons.
    • Open Storage of Junk

      City ordinance does not allow the outdoor storage of junk and waste within the city.

    • Sidewalk Maintenance (Snow & Ice Removal)

      A concrete path cutting through a lawnThe intent of this ordinance is to control the maintenance, installation, construction Code Enforcement - Snow Removal Iconand/or improvements to sidewalks in the City of Greenville.

    • Signs

      This ordinance is intended to regulate and limit the construction or reconstruction of signs inCode Enforcement - Yard Sale Sign Icon
      order to protect the public health, safety, aesthetics and general welfare.

    • Storage and Repair of Vehicles

      This ordinance addresses the carrying out of repair, restoration and maintenance procedures or projects on vehicles in any residential district, when such work is not conducted entirely within the interior of a building,

  • Contact Information

    Code Enforcement Office

    Les Lillie
    411 South Lafayette Street
    Greenville, Michigan 48838
    (616) 754-5645
    (616) 754-6320 – Fax




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