City Council

The City Council is the legislative policy-making body of the City. Council members approve contracts, adopt regulatory ordinances and resolutions, approve the annual budget, determine the tax rate, provide direction to the City Manager, Mayor, City Department Heads, and other Council appointees, and provide a forum for active community participation in setting and achieving City policies, goals, and objectives.  Council members are elected on a nonpartisan basis for four-year staggering terms. The City consists of one ward and is divided into four precincts.

  • City Council Agendas & Minutes

    Information on current, future or past meetings can be located by clicking Agendas and Minutes.
  • City Councilpersons

    John Hoppough, Mayor

    John Hoppough
    Frances Schuleit, Mayor Pro-Tem

    Frances Schuleit
    Mayor Pro-Tem
    Larry Moss, Councilperson

    Larry Moss
    Jeanne Cunliffe, Councilperson
    Jeanne Cunliffe
    Mark Lehman, Councilperson
    Mark Lehman
    Sylvia Warner
    Jay Linton
  • City Council Meetings

    The Greenville City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the City Hall Council Chambers. The public is more than welcome to attend formal council meetings as well as work sessions.

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